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Christmas Ships at Madison Park Beach

Argosy CruisesThe Seattle Christmas Ships will be in Madison Park this weekend, Saturday, December 17th, from 4:55- 5:15 pm.  Be sure to leave Broadmoor in time so you can enjoy the bonfire on the beach.  It will be dark and cold so bring a flashlight and some warm clothes.

Seattle Christmas Ship Schedule

Candy CaneIf you live in Broadmoor, you might have heard that the Seattle Christmas Ships stopped in front of the Seattle Tennis Club this past Sunday.  But do not fear, you have plenty more chances to see the Seattle Christmas Ships, since they are preforming in the nearby neighborhoods several more times this Holiday Season.  This weekend, they will be in both the Madrona area as well as the Mt. Baker / Seward Park area.  Obviously, Madrona is closer to Broadmoor so you might want to catch them there.  The Seattle Christmas Ships will be at Madrona Park this Saturday (Dec. 4th).  Although it may not be convenient, especially if you have young children, since the ships will be at Madrona Park Beach around 9:25 to 9:45 PM.  On Sunday (Dec 5th), they will start in Seward Park area, at Ferdinand Street in Andrews Bay (a.k.a. Seward Park Bay) at 5:40 to 6:00, then head to Stan Sayres Memorial Park (a.k.a. “The Pits”) from 6:15 to 6:35, and finally to Mt. Baker Beach from 6:45 to 7:05.  But I think most Broadmoor residents will pick Saturday, December 18th, to watch the Seattle Christmas Ships down in Madison Park.  The Christmas Ships will be there from 4:55 and 5:15.  If it is anything like previous years then you better get down there early.  If you don’t, you will have to park several blocks away from the beach, which ‘I heard’ is no fun running to when you hear the music start and you have a two year old in tow.

Click the link to see the entire Seattle Christmas Ship Schedule.