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Seattle Police Officer Assaulted in Broadmoor

PoliceA Seattle Police Officer was assaulted in Broadmoor on Friday night by a trespasser who refused to stop for the security guards at the front gate.  Shortly before 10:30 a man in his mid-20’s enter Broadmoor by foot.  When he would not stop for the front gate guards, the Seattle Police were contacted while a guard followed the man so not to lose track of him.  When the police officer found them, she approached the trespasser.  The trespasser responded by taking a swing at the police officer.  She was able to block the blow, but in the ensuing struggle the man tried to grab the officer’s gun and it took both the Broadmoor guard and the police officer to get the trespasser’s hands from the gun.  Other police officers were soon on the scene and took the man into custody.  The police officer sustain only minor injuries during the struggle.

It was determined that the man was mentally ill and was not taking his medication.