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Crime Wave in Broadmoor?

PoliceWell, a crime wave might be a little much for a Seattle neighborhood that has little to no crime.  One, two, or in this case three crimes makes a crime wave in Broadmoor – which is not surprising for a gated community with security guards.  But after months of having zero crime in Broadmoor, basically since the end of 2010, the month of May has had three crimes reported to the Seattle Police.  Following are the crimes in Broadmoor according to the Seattle Police website:

On May 14th 4:30 PM – an auto related theft was reported to the Seattle Police on the 23XX block of Broadmoor Dr. East – Not much detail available.

On May 10th 9:05 AM – a burglary was reported on the 17XX block of Parkside Dr. East – Not much detail available.

On May 11 1:18 PM – a burglary was reported on the 14xx block of Shenandoah Dr. East.  The Seattle Police report had quite a bit of detail.  A security officer at the front gate noticed two males in their late teens walking out of Broadmoor.  Neither male was a resident of the neighborhood and they carried a laptop and an X-Box.  The security guard tried to stop them on Madison when they both dropped what they were carrying and ran in separate directions.  The security officer was able to identify the computer as belonging to a resident and checked the home finding the basement door ajar.  No other suspects were found at the Broadmoor home.

Security footage was yet to be checked at the time of the police report and the Broadmoor resident was to check the home for any other missing items and possible places for fingerprints.  The dropped items were not thought to be a good source of fingerprints because of the texture of the items.