Sales are Way Up In Seattle’s Broadmoor Neighborhood

Market Statistics provided here for Seattle’s Broadmoor neighborhood are current as of this post date.

Sold by Ewing & Clark

Sold on 6/11/13 for $1,850,000

Single Family Properties SOLD in the last 180 days:13

Average SqFt. for homes SOLD 5,175

Average Price Per SqFt. $410.37

Average Days On Market 148 (7 of the homes sold this year in the neighborhood were on the market for 14 days or less)

High $4,310,000 Low $899,000 Median $1,695,000 Sales Price To Listing Price 95.91%

For Sale - Asking Price $2,595,000

For Sale – Asking Price $2,595,000

Number of Homes Currently FOR SALE: 5 (Currently, there isn’t a single home for sale in the neighborhood for under $2,500,000)

Average SqFt. 6,923

Average Price Per SqFt. $535.59

Average Days On Market 333 (2 of the 5 currently listed homes have an average market time of 766 days.)

High $4,395,000 Low $2,595,000 Median $3,895,000

Pending on 6/19/13 for $1,350,000

Pending on 6/19/13 for $1,350,000

Number Of Homes Currently PENDING: 1

Average SqFt. 3,070

Average Price Per SqFt $439.74

Average Days On Market 16