Lease your Broadmoor Home – Rentals Needed

Broadmoor Rental

Broadmoor Home - Leased by Ewing & Clark

There is a great shortage of luxury homes available for rent in Seattle right now – especially in central neighborhoods such as Broadmoor, Madison Park, and Capitol Hill.  It is especially challenging to find larger homes to accommodate families that are looking to lease. There are many reasons families look to rent a home: perhaps they already have the home of their dreams and in the midst of an extensive remodel and would like to be out of the house during that time, some are just moving to the area and want to get a feel for the neighborhoods before purchasing or ensure their new job is going to work out as expected, others are just not ready to commit to a purchase. Either way, there are lots of folks out there looking for nice home and they’re willing to pay for it.

So, if you are a Seattle home owner looking to move or thinking of taking a sabbatical then consider renting your house. The need is: clean and well cared for 3+ beds, nice/newer kitchens and baths.

Ewing and Clark has clients specifically looking at Broadmoor and the surrounding areas. Call Ewing and Clark at 206-322-2840 or contact an agent at the Madison Park office – they will be happy to get your home rented for you!

Ewing & Clark has leased several homes in Broadmoor, including the home pictured above.