Inventory is scarce in Seattle’s Broadmoor Neighborhood

Market Statistics provided here for Seattle’s Broadmoor neighborhood are current as of this post date.

Single Family Properties SOLD in the last 180 days:9

Average SqFt. for homes SOLD 4,015

Average Price Per SqFt. $383.55

Average Days On Market 99

High $2,222,500 Low $800,000* Median $1,550,000 Sales Price To Listing Price 92.01%

Number of Homes Currently FOR SALE: 4

Average SqFt. 7,039

Average Price Per SqFt. $425.73

Average Days On Market 397

High $4,995,000 Low $1,400,000 Median $2,915,000

Number Of Homes Currently PENDING: 4

Average SqFt. 4,577

Average Price Per SqFt. $294.01

Average Days On Market 368

Currently there are only 4 homes listed for sale in the neighborhood. Three of those homes are listed for over $2.8 Million, the fourth home is listed for $1.4 million and is a major fixer. Recent statistics show that homes listed under $2.0 million are selling, and selling relatively quickly. Five of the most recent homes to sell in the neighborhood sold in less than 40 days, 4 of the homes were sub $2.0 million, 1 was $2,225,000. Homes listed over $2.0 million are sitting.

If you’re thinking of selling and you believe your home to be worth less than $2,000,000 and is not a major fixer, now would be a good time to list your home as there is nothing on the market currently in the neighborhood that meets this discription.