“Good to Go” on 520-Tolling Begins in April

The 520 Bridge is almost ready to begin tolling, and the cheapest way to travel over the bridge will be signing up for a Good To Go account. The Good To Go account comes with a transponder, available for purchase at Safeway stores for $5 dollars. Transponders are activated by a license plate number and deposit, the use of which is necessary because the lack of toll booths. The toll will be taken out of the user’s pre-paid account as they cross, and those without a transponder will be fined, thanks to the cameras taking snapshots of license plates. Good To Go is the state’s most recent electronic tolling system, and WSDOT expects the tolling on 520 will help keep costs to work on the bridge at bay. Toll amount will vary throughout the day, which was planned to encourage driving during off-peak hours. Good to go passes are available online, at Safeway stores, or at service centers. Visit the official website for more information.

UPDATE:  It is April and it is not “Good to Go”….won’t make any predictions until I hear when it is really going to start.

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