Dead Eagle’s Lover Finds a New Mate!

If you were one of the many 520 commuters last summer, you probably remember Eddie, the friendly bald eagle who was frequently seen perched on lamp posts along the bridge last August. Unfortunately Eddie has been a little too adventurous and while flying low flew right in front of a bus and was killed.  Since he was killed, many have been wondering what will happen to Eva, his newly widowed mate.

Bald Eagles typically have one mate for life, would she abandon their nest above the Broadmoor Country Club, or stay put solo? Not Eva! She’s been on the prowl, and already found a new mate who’s nesting with her in the same nest she once shared with Eddie. Both birds have been spotted bringing food to their offspring, and birdwatchers in and around the Seattle area couldn’t be happier at the birds determination to carry on. For more information on the Eagles whereabouts, visit the Seattle Times.