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Broadmoor sales are booming in 2013

We are off to an unbelievable start to 2013.  There are currently 5 Pending Sales in the neighborhood, 4 homes currently for sale, and 1 closed sale thus far this year. The trend I was seeing in 2012 was if it was listed under $2,000,000 then there was a chance it would sell, as there was only one closed transaction over this amount. We appear to be breaking out of this trend to start the year as there has been one closed transaction over $2,000,000 thus far with another home Pending. Home sales under $2,000,000 though have been very strong of late as listings below this price point have sold rather quickly. If you have a home you believe to be valued at less than $2,000,000 it’s a great time to sell!!

Currently Listed For Sale:

1262 Parkside Drive East – 3120 Sq Ft. – 2 Bed 4 Bath – $1,295,000

1239 Parkside Drive East – 6390 Sq Ft. – 5 Bed 4.75 Bath – $2,880,000

1642 Shenandoah Dr. East – 5600 Sq Ft. – 6 bed 4.25 Bath – $2,950,000

1900 Shenandoah Dr. East – 10,095 Sq Ft. – 6 Bed 8 Bath – $4,995,000

Inventory is scarce in Seattle’s Broadmoor Neighborhood

Market Statistics provided here for Seattle’s Broadmoor neighborhood are current as of this post date.

Single Family Properties SOLD in the last 180 days:9

Average SqFt. for homes SOLD 4,015

Average Price Per SqFt. $383.55

Average Days On Market 99

High $2,222,500 Low $800,000* Median $1,550,000 Sales Price To Listing Price 92.01%

Number of Homes Currently FOR SALE: 4

Average SqFt. 7,039

Average Price Per SqFt. $425.73

Average Days On Market 397

High $4,995,000 Low $1,400,000 Median $2,915,000

Number Of Homes Currently PENDING: 4

Average SqFt. 4,577

Average Price Per SqFt. $294.01

Average Days On Market 368

Currently there are only 4 homes listed for sale in the neighborhood. Three of those homes are listed for over $2.8 Million, the fourth home is listed for $1.4 million and is a major fixer. Recent statistics show that homes listed under $2.0 million are selling, and selling relatively quickly. Five of the most recent homes to sell in the neighborhood sold in less than 40 days, 4 of the homes were sub $2.0 million, 1 was $2,225,000. Homes listed over $2.0 million are sitting.

If you’re thinking of selling and you believe your home to be worth less than $2,000,000 and is not a major fixer, now would be a good time to list your home as there is nothing on the market currently in the neighborhood that meets this discription.

Homes are moving again in Broadmoor

The Real Estate market in Broadmoor is finally showing signs of life after a summer that could be described as nothing short of dismal. The summer season is generally the time of year when the real estate market really takes off, and it did in many neighborhoods, just not Broadmoor. There were only two closed sales transactions in Broadmoor recorded by the MLS this summer. There were two off market sales during this time frame as well, which makes for a grand total of 4 sales transactions. Not a good number, fortunately the Fall and Winter have brought good tidings to the neighborhood. Since the start of the Fall 6 homes have sold in the neighborhood and there are currently 3 homes Pending. With the current inventory of homes for sales in the neighborhood sitting at 8 it appears that home sales are on the mend. Sales in the neighborhood for some time have lagged behind some of the other local markets, but the recent flurry of sales are a sure indicator that this trend will not continue.

Real Estate Statistics for Seattle’s Broadmoor Neighborhood

Market Statistics provided here for Seattle’s Broadmoor neighborhood are current as of this post date.

Single Family Properties SOLD in the last 180 days:5

Average SqFt. for homes SOLD 3,766

Average Price Per SqFt. $366.91

Average Days On Market 73

High $1,800,000 Low $800,000* Median $1,445,000 Sales Price To Listing Price 93.17%

It’s important to note that the home which sold for $800,000 was a court ordered bankruptcy sale.

Number of Homes Currently FOR SALE: 9

Average SqFt. 5,855

Average Price Per SqFt. $442.09

Average Days On Market 478

High $4,995,000 Low $1,400,000 Median $1,895,000

Number Of Homes Currently PENDING: 2

Average SqFt. 4,700

Average Price Per SqFt. $446.40

Average Days On Market 134

Residents of Seattle’s Broadmoor neighborhood show their Halloween spirit

For about 4 years now the residents of Broadmoor have held a competition to see who can best decorate the exterior of their home for Halloween. It’s apparent that many in the neighborhood have embraced this competition by what I have been seeing. I went around the neighborhood and snapped some photos of what residents have done. Have a look.

What’s all that work that’s been going on at the front gate of Broadmoor?

Some of you Madison Park, Washington Park, and Broadmoor residents might be wondering what’s all that work that’s been going on at the front gate of the Broadmoor neighborhood for the past 3 weeks? Well, it’s nothing more than some much needed tuckpointing and brick replacement. For those that don’t know what tuckpointing is, here’s an explanation: in building construction, technique of finishing masonry joints with a fine, pointed ridge of mortar, for decorative purposes, instead of the usual slightly convex finish in ordinary masonwork. The term is sometimes used for pointing (q.v.) as in masonry repair.

The project is set to finish next week.

Broadmoor Home Owners Family Potluck

This Sunday, September 30th, from 4:30 – 6:30 the annual Broadmoor Home Owners Family Potluck will be taking place. For those attending it is requested that you bring a dish. Those with last names Beginning with an:

A – F are being asked to bring a SALAD DISH.

G – M are being asked to bring an ENTREE DISH.

N – Z are being asked to bring an APPETIZER DISH.

Something is clearly missing form this list here………………… Dessert…. Anyone feeling like taking on another duty?

The potluck is taking place by the front gate at the flag green. Hopefully the turnout is good, as these annual events are a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors if you don’t already.


Long time Broadmoor resident & Seattle native is among a select group of artists picked to display their work at the Olympics

Paul Mullally, a long time Broadmoor resident and Seattle native was among a group of artist selected from around the world to display their work at the 2012 Olympics in London, at the Olympic Fine Arts 2012.

The piece of art submitted by Paul Mullally was an oil painting titled “Alaska Bound-Triumph of Spirit.” The work depicts a scene from Fisherman’s Terminal, home to the Alaskan fishing fleet. In Paul’s words, the painting exemplifies the Olympic theme.

“To me, fishing in the Arctic expresses what it means to have unity of spirit in pursuit of a common goal. The beauty of nature, in all its forms, along with an atmosphere of fair competition and common purpose are at the heart of the Arctic fishing profession.”

Olympic Fine Arts 2012 is sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee and sponsored by the People’s Republic of China. The exhibition will take place at the Museum of London from August 1st through August 7th.

Great work Paul.

Broadmoor’s 2012 4th of July Parade

The 4th of July is once again almost upon us, and what better way for Broadmoor residents to kick off the day than by participating in the annual family parade. The parade starts at 10:45 (Generally it doesn’t get going until about 11:00) at the intersection of Windermere Drive East and Shenandoah Drive East. Setup for the parade begins at 10:00. There will be goodies for adults and children, such as pastries, coffee, and juice. The festivities include the parade, of course, face painting, clowns, balloon art, and socailizing with your neighbors. What a great way for adults and children to start the holiday day.

A potential bargain to be had in Seattle’s Broadmoor neighboorhood

When 1554 Parkside Drive East sold back in September of 2011 for $905,000 I thought to myself WOW!! Whoever bought the 3,820 Sq Ft. 4 bedroom 3.25 bath home just got a steal of a deal. I found it hard to believe that someone got the home for so little and thought it unlikely we would see a repeat of this. Well, I was wrong. On 2/13/2012 1651 Windermere Drive East sold for $805,000. The home is a 3,070 Sq Ft. 5 bedroom 3.25 bathroom brick tudor. Again WOW.

Presently there is a home located at 1570 Parkside Drive East that is listed for $849,000. The home was built in 1959 and is 2,340 Sq FT. with 3 bedroom 2 baths and a large unfinished basement. Obviously when looking at what the 2 homes mentioned above sold for it is hard to imagine that this home would sell for more than either of them, and should certainly sell for quite a bit less than the home on Windermere Drive East based on number of bedrooms, bathrooms, sf footage, etc. The bottom line is some lucky buyer out there is more than likely going to get another great deal in a great neighborhood.