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Broadmoor Real Estate – 2016 in Review

Broadmoor Real EstateBroadmoor real estate remained strong in 2016 as it was in 2015.  The number of Broadmoor homes sold increased slightly (21 vs 20), the price per square feet was up nearly 16% ($625 vs $540), and the average Broadmoor house’s sales price increased 32.6% ($2,879,561 vs $2,171,452).  Broadmoor real estate was not as strong when it came to days on market.  On average, Broadmoor homes were on the market 29 more days in 2016 than in 2015 (69 vs 40 days).

Broadmoor also several luxury home sales.  In 2016, there were eight Broadmoor houses that sold for over $3 million compared to four in 2015.  In 2016, there were two sales over $5 million and none in 2015.  A home on Windermere sold for $6,150,000 and another home on Shore sold for $5,750,000.

The Broadmoor real estate market was not unique to the area.  The overall real estate market in the region (area covered by Northwest Multiple Listing Service which serves 23 Washington State counties) saw the median sales price increased 8.9 percent from $310,000 in 2015 to $337,500 in 2016. The regional luxury real estate market was also strong in 2016, with over 3,251 home sales over $ 1million compared to 2,676 in 2015: over a 21 percent increase.

2017 seems to be taking over where 2016 left off. As always, to maneuver the market, reach out to your local real estate broker to navigating the Seattle real estate market.

These statistics were gathered from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, but were not compiled or published by that organization.

Broadmoor Real Estate

Broadmoor Real Estate Report – Oct 2016

Like the rest of Seattle, the Broadmoor real estate market is very strong. Through the first ten months of this year, there has been 19 sales.  The average sales price is almost $2.9 million with a median sales price of $2.55 million.  For the same ten months last year, there 17 sales with an average sales price of $2.116 million and a median sales price of $1.81 million.  In 2016, the lowest sales price is $1,725,000, in first 10 months of 2015 there were 6 sales below that price.  In 2016, there have been 7 sales over $3 million, in 2015 there were 3.  In 2016, the two highest sales are $6,150,000 and $5,150,000, in 2015 the highest sales price for the same time period was $3,840,000.  In 2016, the Broadmoor homes that sold have been bigger (4,677 avg sq ft vs 3,989 avg sq ft in 2015) and sold for more per square feet ($615 avg $/sq ft vs. $542 avg $/sq ft) than the same time last year.  The only negative change for sellers is the average time of market has increased from 28 days to 75 days although it is typical for more expensive homes to sit on the market longer than a less expensive home.

Prices are up in the surrounding area as well.  Looking just at the month of October, the Central Seattle area (between I-90 and the Montlake cut and I-5 and Lake Washington) saw the average price of homes up from October 2015 of $882,720 increase to $990,258 in October 2016 while condo prices rose from $507,567 last October to $593,872 in October this year.  Inventory is tight, but that might not fully explain the prices changes since the number of sales of area’s homes decreased from 83 in October last year to 64 this year, whereas the number of condos sold rose from 52 to 79.

The average price has also increased in King County, a home in October was $653,231 compared to $590,728 in October last year.

Contact your local Seattle real estate agent for more information on the Broadmoor real estate market.

Pictured: Broadmoor home is the only sale in Broadmoor in October 2016 (same number of sales as last October).  The home was listed by Ewing and Clark.

Broadmoor Real Estate Report

Broadmoor SeattleThe Broadmoor real estate market was quiet in February.  There were no sales last month, which is not too unusual since there has only been zero (2013), one (2012), and two (2011) sales in Broadmoor the previous three years in February.  Currently there are four active listings totaling just under $12 million and no pending sales.

For similar information on Madison Park real estate, Denny Blaine real estate, or Madrona real estate please click the previous links to each of these Seattle neighborhoods.

Central Seattle real estate, which basically includes the area from the Montlake Cut to I-90 and from Lake Washington to I-5, is showing signs of strength.  While the median year-to-date sales price is down from $619,000 to $577,475, the average year-to-date sales price is actually up from $729,042 to $736,659.  In addition, year-to-date sales for the first two months are up with 88 sales in 2014 versus 79 sales in 2013.  Inventory is also tighter than last year down from 128 to 93 active listings in the month of February.

If you have any questions about the Seattle real estate market, please feel free to reach out to a local Seattle real estate agent.

Happy Turkey Day Seattle!

Thanksgiving SeattleHappy Turkey Day Seattle!

For those procastinators: How to Cook a Turkey

For NFL Fans: 9:30 AM on CBS, Texans vs Lions (Seahawk fans root for Texans); 1:15 PM on FOX, Redskins vs Cowboys (Seahawk fans root for Redskins); & 5:20 on NBC, Patriots vs Jets (Seahawk fans do not care)

For College Football Fans: 4:30 PM on ESPN, TCU vs Texas

For Gonzaga Fans: 6 PM on ESPN2, Clemson vs Gonzaga

For those who get stressed on the holidays: Meditation

For those akward moments when talking to family: Discussion Topics

For keeping peace at the Thanksgiving dinner: Topics to Avoid

If you do not avoid those topics: Unbeatable Arguments

Broadmoor Hosts NW Golf Media Association Award Banquet

Broadmoor Golf ClubOn Monday, the Broadmoor Golf Club hosted the Northwest Golf Media Association Award Banquet.  The Seattle event honored lontime golf columnist for the Vancouver (Canada) Sun newspaper, Arv Olson, as wells as golf course architect, John Harbottle III, and scholarship award winner, Pete Treperinas.  To read more about those recognized at the Broadmoor event, click the link to Cybergolf’s article.

Seattle Police Officer Assaulted in Broadmoor

PoliceA Seattle Police Officer was assaulted in Broadmoor on Friday night by a trespasser who refused to stop for the security guards at the front gate.  Shortly before 10:30 a man in his mid-20’s enter Broadmoor by foot.  When he would not stop for the front gate guards, the Seattle Police were contacted while a guard followed the man so not to lose track of him.  When the police officer found them, she approached the trespasser.  The trespasser responded by taking a swing at the police officer.  She was able to block the blow, but in the ensuing struggle the man tried to grab the officer’s gun and it took both the Broadmoor guard and the police officer to get the trespasser’s hands from the gun.  Other police officers were soon on the scene and took the man into custody.  The police officer sustain only minor injuries during the struggle.

It was determined that the man was mentally ill and was not taking his medication.

Old Pictures Lead to Broadmoor

Robert Ketcherside wrote a piece on the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog about some old photos found at an antique store’s bargain bin that lead back to the Seattle neighborhoods of Capitol Hill and Broadmoor.  One photo is from the mid to late 50’s and shows the now Ferrari dealership where Madison, Union, and 12th meet.  Back then it was a Mercury dealership called Lee Morgan Co.  Another photo shows Lee with his wife and mother-in-law in lawn furniture presumably at their Broadmoor home because the other picture was labeled “Front Moran House” and shows his Broadmoor home at 1140 Parkside Drive East in 1957.

Christmas Ships at Madison Park Beach

Argosy CruisesThe Seattle Christmas Ships will be in Madison Park this weekend, Saturday, December 17th, from 4:55- 5:15 pm.  Be sure to leave Broadmoor in time so you can enjoy the bonfire on the beach.  It will be dark and cold so bring a flashlight and some warm clothes.

Nordstrom Delivers to Broadmoor

NordstromNordstrom now has same day delivery any day of the week to Broadmoor.   If you order an item by noon and the item is in stock in the Downtown Seattle store, Nordstrom will have it to your Broadmoor home by 6 PM.  While there is no minimum purchase, the service does cost $10 which is not too bad when you figure it will most likely costs $6 to park at Pacific Place.  The service is being tested in limited Seattle, Bellevue, and La Jolla (California) ZIP codes.

Mayor Greg Nickels’ Early Job: Broadmoor Golf Caddie

Broadmoor Golf ClubMayor Greg Nickels was recently interviewed by kids participating in Southwest Seattle Historical Society program.  The interview can be found on the West Seattle Herald but the part that brought up Nickels’ experience as a Broadmoor Golf Caddie was: “What jobs did you have as a kid?”  His answer was:

I had a paper route for the Seattle Times. Also, to work off my tuition at Seattle Prep I worked in the faculty residence dining room. I caddied at Broadmoor during summers and weekends when my family lived on Capitol Hill. My first real job was at Bonney-Watson Funeral Home across the street from Seattle Central Community College. I cleaned (their) the cars and gassed them up and delivered flowers and got death certificates signed.