About Broadmoor

Broadmoor is gated community located in the Madison Park neighborhood of Seattle.  Broadmoor is bound to the south by East Madison Street, on the north by Union Bay, on the west by The Washington Park Arboretum and on the east by 37th Avenue, beyond which is the Madison Park neighborhood. Known for its beautiful homes, exclusivity and 115-acre fairway, the Broadmoor Golf Course and Club (opened in 1927) the residential area is anything but ordinary.  The stately homes and picturesque setting that grace Broadmoor are highly sought after and truly one-of-a-kind.  Broadmoor was intended to be a secluded community for the wealthy families living in Seattle.  However, it didn’t become the elusive neighborhood it is today until after World War 2, at which point it was founded in 1924.  Broadmoor was originally developed on land logged by the Puget Mill Company.  This land was split in two in 1920 by the Puget Mill Company and the eastern 200 acres were developed into what is known today as Broadmoor