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A potential bargain to be had in Seattle’s Broadmoor neighboorhood

When 1554 Parkside Drive East sold back in September of 2011 for $905,000 I thought to myself WOW!! Whoever bought the 3,820 Sq Ft. 4 bedroom 3.25 bath home just got a steal of a deal. I found it hard to believe that someone got the home for so little and thought it unlikely we would see a repeat of this. Well, I was wrong. On 2/13/2012 1651 Windermere Drive East sold for $805,000. The home is a 3,070 Sq Ft. 5 bedroom 3.25 bathroom brick tudor. Again WOW.

Presently there is a home located at 1570 Parkside Drive East that is listed for $849,000. The home was built in 1959 and is 2,340 Sq FT. with 3 bedroom 2 baths and a large unfinished basement. Obviously when looking at what the 2 homes mentioned above sold for it is hard to imagine that this home would sell for more than either of them, and should certainly sell for quite a bit less than the home on Windermere Drive East based on number of bedrooms, bathrooms, sf footage, etc. The bottom line is some lucky buyer out there is more than likely going to get another great deal in a great neighborhood.