Monthly Archives: December 2011

Old Pictures Lead to Broadmoor

Robert Ketcherside wrote a piece on the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog about some old photos found at an antique store’s bargain bin that lead back to the Seattle neighborhoods of Capitol Hill and Broadmoor.  One photo is from the mid to late 50’s and shows the now Ferrari dealership where Madison, Union, and 12th meet.  Back then it was a Mercury dealership called Lee Morgan Co.  Another photo shows Lee with his wife and mother-in-law in lawn furniture presumably at their Broadmoor home because the other picture was labeled “Front Moran House” and shows his Broadmoor home at 1140 Parkside Drive East in 1957.

Christmas Ships at Madison Park Beach

Argosy CruisesThe Seattle Christmas Ships will be in Madison Park this weekend, Saturday, December 17th, from 4:55- 5:15 pm.  Be sure to leave Broadmoor in time so you can enjoy the bonfire on the beach.  It will be dark and cold so bring a flashlight and some warm clothes.

Nordstrom Delivers to Broadmoor

NordstromNordstrom now has same day delivery any day of the week to Broadmoor.   If you order an item by noon and the item is in stock in the Downtown Seattle store, Nordstrom will have it to your Broadmoor home by 6 PM.  While there is no minimum purchase, the service does cost $10 which is not too bad when you figure it will most likely costs $6 to park at Pacific Place.  The service is being tested in limited Seattle, Bellevue, and La Jolla (California) ZIP codes.