Monthly Archives: November 2011

Mayor Greg Nickels’ Early Job: Broadmoor Golf Caddie

Broadmoor Golf ClubMayor Greg Nickels was recently interviewed by kids participating in Southwest Seattle Historical Society program.  The interview can be found on the West Seattle Herald but the part that brought up Nickels’ experience as a Broadmoor Golf Caddie was: “What jobs did you have as a kid?”  His answer was:

I had a paper route for the Seattle Times. Also, to work off my tuition at Seattle Prep I worked in the faculty residence dining room. I caddied at Broadmoor during summers and weekends when my family lived on Capitol Hill. My first real job was at Bonney-Watson Funeral Home across the street from Seattle Central Community College. I cleaned (their) the cars and gassed them up and delivered flowers and got death certificates signed.

Broadmoor Kids: Do you like Fire Trucks?

Seattle Fire DepartmentBroadmoor kids:  Do you like fire trucks?  If you do, then better head down to the local fire station tomorrow.  The local fire station #34 has invited the neighbors to come meet the local firefighters and tour the engine on Saturday, November 19th, from 1 PM to 3 PM.